How to use public free Wi-Fi service for Japan travel

Hello there,

This article is for overseas travelers and this post explain about how to use public free wi-fi in Japan.

Sorry for weird English. I’m just learing about English.

Why I thought about writing this article is because I heard from my business partner who come to Japan from Australia.

He said to me about Wi-Fi service was so bad in Japan travel.

Actually, I don’t use any public W-Fi service in Japan everyday. Because it is much in trouble to use public Wi-Fi in Japan.

Therefore, I decided to write this article for future travelers.

Current Status of Wi-Fi service in Japan

At first, we have to know about current status of Wi-Fi service in Japan.

You can see many Wi-Fi SSID name in there but mostly needs security key.

If you find something public Wi-Fi in your location, then you will see something certification setting to just conect to public internet.

I think this is very stupid… Therefore, Japan is called undeveloped country for Wi-Fi by many overseas travelers.

However, I can provide something good news for you in next step.

Wi-Fi apps

To solve this stupid state, I suggest using following some Wi-Fi apps for Japan travel.

Town Wi-Fi

Town Wi-Fi will help you to connect to free public Wi-Fi in automatically.

This app will catch many free public Wi-Fi which is provided by convenience store.

In Japan, convenience store is everywhere.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi will help you to connect to public Wi-Fi.

But it could not connect automatically. So, you need a few tap to connect to free public Wi-Fi.

This app will also catch many free public Wi-Fi which is provided by famous facility.


I hope this article will help you.

Have a good Japan travel 🙂